This simple and fun game will teach you a thing or two about crossword puzzle. Music is played to ensure a fast and encouraging gameplay. 

With over 3000 words, 10 keywords with 5 categories each, rest assured that this game will keep you entertained and learning new words for very long time.

Game features:

1. 3000+ words available through 10 keywords with 5 categories each.

2. Enable and upgrade helpers in Upgrade Centre. These helpers can come in handy during a pinch or when you want to  beat a score.

3. There are 3 helpers available: Hint, Remove Char, and Resolve Puzzle. Use them wisely and you can master the puzzles in the shortest time possible.

4. All upgrades can be obtained without any monetary cost.

5. Puzzles are generated in random: there will not be exact same puzzle arrangement every time. Words may be taken from the same word pool but their position will be different and may be reversed.


1. The score is posted to GameCentre automatically when user login to Game Centre. The user may share and challenge each other in Game Centre.

2. Post and share on Facebook and Twitter while earning a bonus.

Game guide:

1. This game starts without any helper. Casual word search player may find this way of playing suit them better.

2. Gameplay music can be muted in the Settings page (click on the gear image to go Settings).

3. Hardcore and challenge-oriented gamer may find Game Helper more appealing. Game helper really do help improve gameplay a lot. They are accessible in the Upgrade Centre (starting page, below Keywords and Achievement).

4. Depends on the level and types of helpers, puzzles can be solved faster and therefore more rewards is earned. The results are also recorded and posted to Game Center (accessible at game end scene or game pause scene).


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